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Facebook vs Instagram: which one is better for advertising | Digital Marketing Strategist - AdsMaster

Facebook vs Instagram: which one is better for advertising

When it come to social media advertising which means Facebook ads and Instagram ads. I believe that everyone has a Facebook account and Instagram account. Most of the advertiser has running advertising to both platform.

Since 2012, Facebook has bought over Instagram at 1billion. As of June 2018, Instagram has grown from 30 million to 1 billion monthly active users compared to Facebook has grown 2.38 billion as on June 2019.

Instagram Advertising

Everyone knows that most of the Instagram active users’ majority is a youngster. The main usage of Instagram is sharing pictures or short video and lifestyle stuff. However Facebook users age will be broader compared to Instagram. This is the main factors of either choose for Facebook ads or Instagram ads to advertise your company brand.

The functionality of Facebook not only for content sharing and image. It also has a function for users to create facebook groups to sell and buy purposes even can have a URL link to the website.

Due to lots of company started running their Facebook ads, the advertising competition become higher and this caused by the advertising fee expensive. Thus, you will start to think about it, should you turn to Instagram advertising?

  • is my product or service suitable for Instagram ads?
  • Is Instagram advertising harder than Facebook ads?
  • Will Instagram advertising fee expensive than Facebook ads?
Facebook vs Instagram

Before you make a decision, you should think about your advertising objective and product or service target audience which platform fit.

Facebook vs Instagram Characteristic

Next, we will analyze the difference between Facebook and Instagram and you can have an idea which platform suitable for your company.

User Age

Facebook age user in Malaysia
Instagram user in Malaysia

As above chart, now you can see that:-

  • Facebook 2.5 million users VS Instagram 1.90 million users. According to the above chart users number, Facebook users are double Instagram.
  • Facebook active users age 18 – 64. This group of users financial capable.
  • Instagram active users age 13-44. This group of user economic finance not capable still need to rely on family.

Therefore, we can according to our product, service and target audience to decide which platform to use for advertising. If your product is suitable for adults or the price of the product is high, Facebook ads are a good choice.

It can help to increase your company brand awareness and the most important is this group of users has the spending power to purchase your product and service compare to Instagram ads.

Reach and advertising budget

Macdonald 能获得很多的Likes & Comment & Share

  • Instagram only able to like and comment
  • Facebook function beside like and comment it also has a share and tag function. Hence, when you share this article, your mutual friend will able to see the post you share on your profile and this function help to increase the potential reach and it also helps to save your advertising budget.
  • If you posted quality content post it will increase the reach from 20 % to even 100%
  • Since 2012 Instagram organic reach increased 115% by hashtag # keyword.
Instagram #Hashtags 

Since 2012, Facebook page organic reach decline. If you have a Facebook page might be you have experienced it before, your facebook page has 10k fans like but your facebook post only reach 100++people.

The reason of facebook page organic reach decline. Because Facebook want to have the best user experience for their users. Facebook a priority to show sponsored posts (Facebook ads post) on user newsfeed.

Facebook ads placement

From reach objective advertising fee, Instagram ads cost expensive than facebook ads. Facebook CPC (cost per click) average RM0.60 but Instagram RM 3, Facebook CPM (cost per 1k impression) is RM15.40 and Instagram is RM 16.

It might have other factors affect the advertising cost. But you have to bear in mind, when you advertise on different platform you have to focus on your copywriting, creative image and the platform style.

High-quality advertising content also can bring you a good result in Instagram ads. But so far, do not have any platform can generate more result than Facebook ads.

Facebook ads


Facebook engagement chart
Instagram engagement

As on 2019, Facebook and Instagram engagement report, Instagram engagement higher than Facebook 10 times and above.

  • Instagram is a photo-based sharing and text as an auxiliary social platform
  • 40% of users interested in photo more than text. Obviously, say that photo and video more attractive.
  • Instagram user more focus on user experience, therefore photo show in Instagram are more creative and nicer than Facebook. So it is more stimulating the desire to buy. This is the reason why the engagement rate is higher than Facebook.
Instagram user experience

In 2016, Instagram launched a new function of instagram stories. This feature allows users to take photos, add effects and layers, and post them to their Instagram story. Images uploaded to a user’s story expire after 24 hours. The media noted the feature’s similarities to Snapchat. The Instagram story has Multi-element publishing method, one of them is BoomerangSuperzoom even can this function for users to vote.

Although Facebook has added in this stories function, the effect not as good as Instagram. Now Insta Stories daily average active users more than 4 billion. This can say that it is Instagram a successful key function.

Instagram Stories

Sometimes your post will not show in users newsfeed but if you post stories then it will show in your friend newsfeed. You can try to use stories, to make other users notice of you, you still can set up a question and vote in stories. Allow more users to participate and know about their opinion.

Don’t forget to Hashtags # your important keyword, if you think that people will search the keyword on Instagram, the keyword will become a label. This function makes users easily search your post and engage with you.


Last but not least, to summarize Facebook Vs Instagram which to choose:

Should I run Facebook ads or Instagram ads?

In fact, the most important thing is to look at customer age, Although Instagram users age younger than Facebook,but youngster starter to have spending power. Furthermore, they spent time on Instagram more than Facebook. Hence, if your product and service target customer is youngster, you can consider Instagram ads to reach your potential customer.

Instagram Post

However, you must remember the beauty and creativity of the photos that Instagrammer is pursuing, and it will be particularly easy to attract their attention. You need to know the features of your product/service, then process your photos, but don’t forget to preserve realism. This will make it easier to achieve results. Also, remember to update your Stories at any time to keep customers up to date.

Is it difficult to build Instagram Followers?

In addition to focusing on the beauty of photos, #Hashtags is also very important.。You can add in some label and theme every time you post, to increase your post searching and brand awareness.

When your followers started to you follow you, gradually they will become your potential customers

So if you want to build your Instagram Followers, you must have nice photos, text or even your Hashtags

Instagram Hastags

No idea about how to manage your Instagram account? Don’t know what kind of nice photo to attract your customer??You can contact Ads Master Marketing social media marketing agency, we can provide you social media marketing service.

Instagram advertising results better than Facebook advertising?

In fact, now many companies while creating a Facebook page and create an Instagram account at the same time both accounts are linked. So when you post on instagram you also can share to facebook and other platforms too to reach more people. 

According to the content marketing tool BussSomo pointed out,if you can post your Instagram photo to Facebook your post engagement will be higher. Hence if you share more platform at the same time you will get a better result.

Facebook and Instagram advertising placement

Due to Instagram and Facebook is a similar platform, once you have knowledge about setting up a Facebook advertising then it is not a big issue for you to set up Instagram advertising. If you still have a question about social media advertising welcome to contact us Ads Master Marketing online marketing agency.

The above analysis can help you to have a clear direction and your target customer. Otherwise, even you have a quality photo, copywriting also will not get a good result from your advertising. If you still need more information about how to run a profitable ad welcome to contact us Ads Master Marketing digital marketing agency,we provide a series of social media marketing and advertising service package and design a well fit marketing strategy for your company.


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