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5 ways to improve your Facebook ads performance

Would you like to spend lower Facebook ads cost and get a high return on ads to spend from your ads? Of course, the answer is “YES”. There two main factors affect your Facebook ads result which is the target audience, ads picture and copywriting.

When the Facebook ads result is not as you expected, you will think that is it my target audience issue? Or my facebook ads campaign objective issue? But did you think that might be your copywriting or image issue?

In this article, we will explain 5 ways to improve your Facebook ads performance and increase your ROAS.

Mentioned about how your product benefits your customer

Facebook ads product benefit
  • Everday have hundred or thousand Facebook ads sponsor post-show on their newsfeed, customer do not want to know how good is the product, they just care on how the product benefits them.
  • Most people, only focus on the product feature in their facebook ads but forget to mention how the product benefits the customer.
  • Because you are very familiar with your product and service, hence you keep mentioned about how good is the product. But stand at the customer point of view, the customer will think yes, I know how good is this product of the feature, but…. do I really need this? how does this product benefit me?

Here’s an example of how to convert the product feature into a benefit for yout customer

Facebook ads product benefit

Don’t use I, WE, this product in Facebook ads

  • If you keep using [i, we, this product] it is hard to let the customer know how your product benefits them.
  • In opposition, if you are using [YOU] this word, will make the customer why they need your product.
  • Suggested do not mentioned your company name in Facebook ads. Unless your brand is very famous in the market.
  • The customer just want to know and care about how your product can solve their issue or bring them benefit.
  • For example, now you are looking for an accounting service company. Below has two companies which will you choose?
Facebook ads copywriting (Don’t)
Facebook ads copywriting

Focus on one type customer

  • Compare to other advertising platforms, the benefit of the Facebook advertising platform, Facebook allowed advertisers to select their target audience.
  • Once you have set up your Facebook ads audience, your copywriting and image must be matched with your target audience. According to the previous point we have mentioned don’t use [I, WE, this product] and focus on your customer.
  • For example, if your company is providing beauty service, imagine all your competitor target audience set [female, age 20-55, interest on beauty, skincare, beauty product and so on.
  • The target audience is too broad, hence you can focus on one type of customer example, which is age 40-55 mother.
Facebook ads copywriting beauty Don’t
Facebook ads copywriting beauty audience

Do NOT show and sell any types of product at one time
Facebook ads product

Most of the company has more than one product. Normally business owners will show all of their products to the customer at once. By giving customers too many choices, will cause the customer to leave without buying any product from you.

Example: if you see a Facebook ad post, promote Baby carriage, toy, baby clothes, and other baby products at once. From the owner’s point of view, they hope to promote as much as possible to the customer, but for the customer, they can’t make any decision due to too many choices.

The more product you show to the customer at once the fewer sales you get. Why? According to a famous marketing study about too many choices for a customer. Mark Lepper and Sheena Lyenger is a psychologist and they have made a consumer study.

Don’t promote too many choices at Facebook ads

They have set up a table with many choices of jam in a restaurant and dress up as a sales promoter and offer a sample of jam to the customer either 6 and 24 flavors. For common theory, the more options are good for the customer to choose for. Customers like more choice and the company can generate more sales.

From this study the result proven, is not as the common theory. During the period of offered sample to the customer, only 3% customer purchase who sampled 24 flavours, but 30% of customers purchase sampled 6 flavours.

In this study you can see that contrary to popular belief, too many choices will get fewer sales. Customers can be attracted by many choices, but when come to make a purchase, too many choices can make the decision difficult.

Hence, suggested don’t promote too many products on your Facebook ads at once.

Stop offer discount at Facebook ads
Facebook ads discount

Offer discount is not an issue. Imagine that if you offer the discount to a people who are new to your company and never heard about your company. Will them think of:

  • Whether your product or service can’t be sold, so you have to discount?
  • Do you actually mark up the price and offer discounts to create the illusion?
  • is your product or service worthless?

Therefore, from the above point of view, what you can make is to arbitrarily declare the discount will only make the customer a bad first impression and even make your product lower and cheaper.

In fact, you can also offer Discount, but there must be a reason:

  • Early bird discount: If customers buy before x month x, they will get a 30% discount
  • Birthday Discount: On Facebook’s “Detailed Targeting> Birthday”, lock Audience for this month’s birthday, and then provide “Birthday Offer”
  • Quiz: Can you pass the test? As long as you pass the test, you can get a 50% discount as a reward.
  • Facebook Limited Offer: during checkout present the Facebook Limited Voucher Code, which gives you an RM10 discount.

Are you thinking about it, I just give a Discount, do I need to do more? The answer is YES! Because the user will feel that he is very lucky to be selected, [earn] your offer, and cherish it. This will increase the usage rate instantly.

Facebook ads Mcdonald

By the way, really don’t recommend the illusion of Discount after the price is marked up on Facebook. Because customers will find out sooner or later, as long as they find out, your company will leave a bad image to the customers so that you will have difficulty building your customer base in the future. Small chance to repeat purchase your product.

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Facebook vs Instagram: which one is better for advertising

When it come to social media advertising which means Facebook ads and Instagram ads. I believe that everyone has a Facebook account and Instagram account. Most of the advertiser has running advertising to both platform.

Since 2012, Facebook has bought over Instagram at 1billion. As of June 2018, Instagram has grown from 30 million to 1 billion monthly active users compared to Facebook has grown 2.38 billion as on June 2019.

Instagram Advertising

Everyone knows that most of the Instagram active users’ majority is a youngster. The main usage of Instagram is sharing pictures or short video and lifestyle stuff. However Facebook users age will be broader compared to Instagram. This is the main factors of either choose for Facebook ads or Instagram ads to advertise your company brand.

The functionality of Facebook not only for content sharing and image. It also has a function for users to create facebook groups to sell and buy purposes even can have a URL link to the website.

Due to lots of company started running their Facebook ads, the advertising competition become higher and this caused by the advertising fee expensive. Thus, you will start to think about it, should you turn to Instagram advertising?

  • is my product or service suitable for Instagram ads?
  • Is Instagram advertising harder than Facebook ads?
  • Will Instagram advertising fee expensive than Facebook ads?
Facebook vs Instagram

Before you make a decision, you should think about your advertising objective and product or service target audience which platform fit.

Facebook vs Instagram Characteristic

Next, we will analyze the difference between Facebook and Instagram and you can have an idea which platform suitable for your company.

User Age

Facebook age user in Malaysia
Instagram user in Malaysia

As above chart, now you can see that:-

  • Facebook 2.5 million users VS Instagram 1.90 million users. According to the above chart users number, Facebook users are double Instagram.
  • Facebook active users age 18 – 64. This group of users financial capable.
  • Instagram active users age 13-44. This group of user economic finance not capable still need to rely on family.

Therefore, we can according to our product, service and target audience to decide which platform to use for advertising. If your product is suitable for adults or the price of the product is high, Facebook ads are a good choice.

It can help to increase your company brand awareness and the most important is this group of users has the spending power to purchase your product and service compare to Instagram ads.

Reach and advertising budget

Macdonald 能获得很多的Likes & Comment & Share

  • Instagram only able to like and comment
  • Facebook function beside like and comment it also has a share and tag function. Hence, when you share this article, your mutual friend will able to see the post you share on your profile and this function help to increase the potential reach and it also helps to save your advertising budget.
  • If you posted quality content post it will increase the reach from 20 % to even 100%
  • Since 2012 Instagram organic reach increased 115% by hashtag # keyword.
Instagram #Hashtags 

Since 2012, Facebook page organic reach decline. If you have a Facebook page might be you have experienced it before, your facebook page has 10k fans like but your facebook post only reach 100++people.

The reason of facebook page organic reach decline. Because Facebook want to have the best user experience for their users. Facebook a priority to show sponsored posts (Facebook ads post) on user newsfeed.

Facebook ads placement

From reach objective advertising fee, Instagram ads cost expensive than facebook ads. Facebook CPC (cost per click) average RM0.60 but Instagram RM 3, Facebook CPM (cost per 1k impression) is RM15.40 and Instagram is RM 16.

It might have other factors affect the advertising cost. But you have to bear in mind, when you advertise on different platform you have to focus on your copywriting, creative image and the platform style.

High-quality advertising content also can bring you a good result in Instagram ads. But so far, do not have any platform can generate more result than Facebook ads.

Facebook ads


Facebook engagement chart
Instagram engagement

As on 2019, Facebook and Instagram engagement report, Instagram engagement higher than Facebook 10 times and above.

  • Instagram is a photo-based sharing and text as an auxiliary social platform
  • 40% of users interested in photo more than text. Obviously, say that photo and video more attractive.
  • Instagram user more focus on user experience, therefore photo show in Instagram are more creative and nicer than Facebook. So it is more stimulating the desire to buy. This is the reason why the engagement rate is higher than Facebook.
Instagram user experience

In 2016, Instagram launched a new function of instagram stories. This feature allows users to take photos, add effects and layers, and post them to their Instagram story. Images uploaded to a user’s story expire after 24 hours. The media noted the feature’s similarities to Snapchat. The Instagram story has Multi-element publishing method, one of them is BoomerangSuperzoom even can this function for users to vote.

Although Facebook has added in this stories function, the effect not as good as Instagram. Now Insta Stories daily average active users more than 4 billion. This can say that it is Instagram a successful key function.

Instagram Stories

Sometimes your post will not show in users newsfeed but if you post stories then it will show in your friend newsfeed. You can try to use stories, to make other users notice of you, you still can set up a question and vote in stories. Allow more users to participate and know about their opinion.

Don’t forget to Hashtags # your important keyword, if you think that people will search the keyword on Instagram, the keyword will become a label. This function makes users easily search your post and engage with you.


Last but not least, to summarize Facebook Vs Instagram which to choose:

Should I run Facebook ads or Instagram ads?

In fact, the most important thing is to look at customer age, Although Instagram users age younger than Facebook,but youngster starter to have spending power. Furthermore, they spent time on Instagram more than Facebook. Hence, if your product and service target customer is youngster, you can consider Instagram ads to reach your potential customer.

Instagram Post

However, you must remember the beauty and creativity of the photos that Instagrammer is pursuing, and it will be particularly easy to attract their attention. You need to know the features of your product/service, then process your photos, but don’t forget to preserve realism. This will make it easier to achieve results. Also, remember to update your Stories at any time to keep customers up to date.

Is it difficult to build Instagram Followers?

In addition to focusing on the beauty of photos, #Hashtags is also very important.。You can add in some label and theme every time you post, to increase your post searching and brand awareness.

When your followers started to you follow you, gradually they will become your potential customers

So if you want to build your Instagram Followers, you must have nice photos, text or even your Hashtags

Instagram Hastags

No idea about how to manage your Instagram account? Don’t know what kind of nice photo to attract your customer??You can contact Ads Master Marketing social media marketing agency, we can provide you social media marketing service.

Instagram advertising results better than Facebook advertising?

In fact, now many companies while creating a Facebook page and create an Instagram account at the same time both accounts are linked. So when you post on instagram you also can share to facebook and other platforms too to reach more people. 

According to the content marketing tool BussSomo pointed out,if you can post your Instagram photo to Facebook your post engagement will be higher. Hence if you share more platform at the same time you will get a better result.

Facebook and Instagram advertising placement

Due to Instagram and Facebook is a similar platform, once you have knowledge about setting up a Facebook advertising then it is not a big issue for you to set up Instagram advertising. If you still have a question about social media advertising welcome to contact us Ads Master Marketing online marketing agency.

The above analysis can help you to have a clear direction and your target customer. Otherwise, even you have a quality photo, copywriting also will not get a good result from your advertising. If you still need more information about how to run a profitable ad welcome to contact us Ads Master Marketing digital marketing agency,we provide a series of social media marketing and advertising service package and design a well fit marketing strategy for your company.


a series


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4 main reason why you need to have a website

A lot of business owner chooses not to create a website and thought that the Facebook page is enough for their business. But if you want to run a good performance of Facebook ads you need to have a website. In fact, the company website is necessary for a company.

Website needed

In this article, we will explain 4 main reasons why a company needs to have a website and how it is important than a Facebook page.

The website helps you to run a good performance advertisement with Facebook ads objective and look for potential customers.

  • A lot of business owner facing some issue while they running Facebook ads such as a lot of people like the Facebook ads post but not potential customers (Bangladesh) or no sales results.
  • If you read our last week article 14 Facebook ads campaign objective you must know on 2019, you will know that the best performance Facebook ads objective is conversion and traffic. If you do not have a website the only objective you can choose us Facebook engagement posts.
  • If you have a website or landing page, you can set up Facebook traffic ads objective or Facebook conversion ads objective to get people to visit your website and Facebook will use their big data to find a potential customer to purchase your product or service at your website.
Facebook ads

Website is your online salesperson 24 hours work for you

You will see a lot of business owner complained:-

  • Why my Facebook ads reach many people but no one sends in inquiries or purchase
  • Why a lots pm but no sales
Facebook Engagement ads

Imagine if you would like to purchase a product price about RM100++, will you make payment to the company after comment PM? The answer is NO.

Most of the people will comment PM on your Facebook ads post if they are interested in your product or service. But after you have reply to their comment or send them the information about your product and service. You will never ever get a reply or update from them anymore.

Hence, you need to immediately catch the potential customer buying desire while they are interested in your product or service.

  • Need to communicate with the customer about the product ” benefit” to increase their buying desire
  • use scarcity method to make the customer cant miss the chance to purchase the product
  • Show them a testimonial or customer review
Shopee review

Only the website can assist you with the points that we mentioned just now. When customers interested in your product, they will click on your Facebook ads post “call to action” button and the ads will bring them to your website. Hence, they can read your other customer’s reviews. If your review is good, it can help to increase their trust and confidence to purchase your product online.

Website product page

Website can build strong company image and customer’s confidence

Website store

If you are selling a high-end product, you need to take note of this.

  • Customers will google search your company website, product price, product information before proceeding to purchase step.
  • If you do not have a website, customers cant gets more information about your product, because posting on facebook has a lot of restriction and you do not have full control of your content publishing. Out of suddenly facebook delete or remove your post or either your whole Facebook page.

A website allows you to remarket

With the website, you can be remarketing, the customer who has visited your website. Especially, for that customer who is interested in your product or service but has not taken any action to proceed purchase. Hence you can remarket them.

  • Imagine if you only use Facebook page promote your product, and your potential interested in your product and they would like to consider it. But they forget your facebook page, and you also cant remarket them without a website.
  • If you have a website, for those customers who have visited your website, meaning they are interested in your product but has not purchased it. No worries, you can install the Facebook pixel, running remarket Facebook ads to them and increase their impression and interest to proceed purchase.
Facebook pixel

If you already have a website, but no idea how to install your Facebook pixel? No worries, you can contact us we provide Facebook pixel installation service and you can remarket your customer.

Create a website need time and cost investment

Above 4 important points, now you have to know how important of the website for your business. With a website you can have more options to run your Facebook ads instead of only engagement post ads to increase your sales and revenue.

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14 Facebook ads campaign objective guides you need to know (2019)

In this article you will learn 14 Facebook advertising campaign objective. What their objective for your Facebook ads, when should use them, to increase your Facebook ads performance and sales result.

We have found out that many people have advertised on facebook ads, a lot of people like their facebook ad post but no people to send in inquiries or either purchases their product. This issue mostly come from facebook advertising objective setting.

If you are using Facebook ads manager to set up your ads, firstly you have to select a facebook ad campaign objectives. Unless you use the Boost post to run your ad then you will not need to select any facebook ads manager campaign objectives. If you want to run a good performance ad result we suggest you use facebook ads manager. Because only facebook ads manager has facebook ad campaign objectives to select and set up will be more in detail.

Facebook has big data, included which audience has big potential to like your post, click your website, sign up, income and even buyer purchase behaviors.

Hence when you set up Facebook advertising objectives, Facebook will using their big data to help to find the potential audience to achieve your goal.

If you are still not clear about the above explanation, no worries. We will explain more detail of each facebook ad campaign objective.

Facebook campaign objective goal

The Facebook campaign has 14 objectives, each objective has its own goal.


  • Brand awareness
  • Reach


  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App install
  • Video views
  • Lead generation
  • Messages


  • Conversions
  • Catalog Sales
  • Store visit
14 Facebook advertising campaign objective

14 Facebook advertising campaign objective

Facebook campaign objective has categorized into three categories, which is awareness, consideration, and conversion. Each category has its objective.


  • Brand awareness
  • Reach
  1. Brand awareness
Brand awareness
  • Brand awareness facebook objective Is to increase awareness of your company brand, to make the audience to pay attention to your brand. Facebook will use its data to help you to reach and display your ad to the maximum of people when they are online.
  • This objective is suitable for a large business company that can afford for the big amount of advertising budget. This objective is no specific action for the audience to take. If you are a start-up or small company we suggest you to use other objectives to produce a better result at a lower cost.

2. Reach

  • Reach objective similar to brand awareness objective is to help you to reach the maximum number of audience.
  • But the difference from brand awareness is you can have control of the cap the frequency of your Facebook ads show to the people as how many times your ads appear in front of the audience.
  • This objective is more suitable for the company who is a plan to run a short period of promotion. Hence you can increase the frequency of showing your ads promotion to the audience.


  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App installs
  • Video views
  • Lead generation
  • Messenger

3. Traffic

  • Facebook ads traffic objective is to send people to the website once they click on your Facebook ad
  • For this ad objective, you must have a website only able to use this objective to run your ad if you do not have any website then you have to select other objectives for your ad.

4. Engagement Post

Engagement Post
  • Facebook engagement post ads are to get people to engagement your ad post as a comment, like or share.
  • This objective will help you bring a benefit to you when some people first time to see your facebook post. Because for those comment and like will get people to pay attention and curious why this post has a lot of comments and like? So should I click and see what this ad for?

5. Engagement- Page like

Page Like
  • This facebook engagement objective ads is to promote your facebook page get people to like your page and build awareness of your page.
  • Although Facebook pages like do not bring any benefit of organic view for any new updated post, it can bring confidence and trust for the people who have the interest plan to buy your product.

6. Engagement- Event response

Event response
  • You can use this facebook event response campaign objective ads to set up your event post if you are organizing an online or offline event. This event can help you to remind people who have response attend to your event.
  • This objective is to get more people aware of and respond to your event.

7. Engagement – Offer Claim

Offer Claim
  • Facebook offer claim campaign objective ads is to promote your offer to people
  • People can save your offer and redeem it thru your website or physical shop.

8. App install

App install
  • Facebook app install campaign objective ads is to get people to download your app, to increase app install subscriber.
  • If your company has an app you can try to use this objective to increase your app download.

9. Video view

video View
  • Video view ad campaign objective ads is to get people to watch your video
  • If you have a video of your testimonial or product video this is a good objective to show to people how does your product work for them.

10. Lead generation

Lead Generation
  • You can use this lead generation campaign ad objective to create a lead form to get people to fill up their information like name, email, and contact number. Easy for you to follow up with a call.
  • If you are in the property or insurance industry you can use this lead generation objective to generate your potential customer leads.

11. Messager

  • With this facebook messenger ad objective, you can start your conversation with ads while people click your ad and you can re-engage your existing user to provide more information about your product and service.
  • Your conversation start on messenger if you select messenger. Besides, messenger you also can select whatapps to start your conversation with your potential buyer after they click on your ad.

  • Conversions
  • Catalog sales
  • Store Traffic

12. Conversions

  • This facebook conversion ad objective ad is to get people to take a specific action such as sign up, purchase, download.
  • In order to use this objective, you must have a website or landing page.

Why your company must have a website? Do you know that a website can improve your company sales to 2x to 10x ?

13. Catalog sales

Catalog Sales
  • Reach potential buyer to purchase your product
  • Automatically show your product to people who are more likely to buy your product.

14. Store traffic

Store Traffic
  • Build awareness of your physical store, to reach people who are nearby to your store.
  • This objective is very suitable for the company that has a physical shop or chain store.

There is 14 facebook advertising objective, which one should I set up?

Firstly, you should know that none of each objective is the best objective.
It depends on your business industry, audience, ad, product, and service, because there are many factors might affect your ad result.

The best method is to A/B test, and compare which objective brings you the most result.
We will elaborate more and guide you on which objective is suitable for small and medium-range Business companies and bring you the most result in a different situation.

Traffic objective means facebook will help you to find potential people to visit your website. This ad benefit data is about [cost per click] and [click rate]. The high click rate means the audience interested in your ad.

This is a good indicator to let you understand your ad result. You can try on A/B testing to test which audience brings you the most result.

No idea for Facebook ads copywriting & pictures? Let’s spy on your competitor Fb ads? See how & what they do

But you need to have a website before you run this ad objective. Cause the objective is to click to your website.

If you still do not have a website, you can contact us Ads Master marketing digital marketing agency to create a website or landing page for you.


Conversion means users will take a specific action on your website such as register, purchase, inquiries.

This ad benefit data is [cost per conversions] and [conversion rate], this is a very clear indicator data to understand the ad result.

You can use this ad to promote your product and service. This objective will bring you a good result. But you need to set up facebook pixel in your website otherwise you can run this objective ad.

Facebook Pixel

It is troublesome for the user to set up facebook pixel on the website unless you are a programmer.

If you still do not know which objectives to choose for your company or if you need help in developing a digital marketing strategy for your business, you can contact us Ads Master marketing today and explore our past digital marketing works!

Ads Master Marketing is a digital and social media marketing company offer a variety of plans and pricing. If you are interested in the service please feel free to contact us we’ll provide Free Consultant for your business.

In this article, we have explained what is facebook campaign objective, what is the goal of each objective. And which industry should use for the objective.

Besides, we have guided you on how to check which ad is performing well and which is not. If the ad is performing well you can increase your budget and if the ad performing not good as you can decide to stop it.

If you have a website you can select traffic and conversion objectives. If your purpose is to generate customer lead then you can use lead generation. And if you have a physical store then you can select store traffic as your objective.

Each objective has its own goal, hence you have to understand what goal you want to achieve before running your Facebook ad. Otherwise, you will not able to get the result you want, if select the wrong objective.

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