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3 Freeways to spy your competitors facebook ads (2019)

Nowadays, every company wants to spy competitors facebook ads cause all of them are running an advertisement on Facebook to increase their brand awareness and generate sales. Due to the high demand of running facebook ads, the price of bidding will get higher. Hence, they want to find their competitor’s Facebook ads.

When come to the competition, everyone hopes that they can know what kind of facebook ads competitors are running. Fortunately, Facebook has some Facebook spy tools free to use to spy competitors facebook ads for the advertiser to learn about how to improve their facebook ads strategy.

But you might not able to see competitors facebook ads in your newsfeed. In these facebook spy tools free 2019
, you can find competitors facebook ads advertisement copywriting, image and offer.

You can use these strategies, to spy on your competitor’s Facebook ads and learn their marketing strategy how they are doing.

1. Why am I seeing this facebook ad?

Firstly, you have to click on …

Facebook sponsor ads

Second, click on why am I seeing this? After that, it will be shown you what audience and location your competitors are targeted.

Facebook sponsor ads why am I seeing this

Here is how the Facebook ads targeting detail to look like from other company facebook page ads

Facebook ads targeting detail

Since you are willing to check and find your competitors facebook ads targeting detail, you can have an idea and reference how to set up your ads targeting such as audience demographics, location, income, interest and so on.

When your competitors facebook ads show in your newsfeed, you can choose either “don’t want to see this” or “why am I seeing this”? If you are feeling annoying the same advertisement keep popping out in your newsfeed you can choose don’t want to see this, Facebook will help you stop all this company advertisement show in your newsfeed.

If you choose why am I seeing this, it will show you what the competitors facebook ads are targeting such as age, gender, audience and location. You can use this way to check your competitor facebook ads and improve your facebook ads performance.

2. Facebook ads library tools

You can key in the company facebook page name that you want to search for in search bar on top.

Page transparency Facebook ads

Once you have typed in the company name you want to search for you can select it, and will drive you the company facebook page. in the company facebook page, you can scroll down to the middle and you will see page transparency click on see more button next to it.

Go to Ad Library Facebook Ads

Once In this page you will see the page history, is about when does this page created and history of name changed, or pages merged. You can ignore the people who manage this page cause it is nothing to do with this part.

The purpose of this page is Ads from this page and see what Facebook ads that this page currently is running. Obviously this is what you are looking for to spy your competitors facebook ads. So you have to click on ” Go to Ad Library” and next you will see all these page facebook ads running by this company.

All Facebook Ads

Now you are in the Facebook ads running page advertised by your competitor. On this page, you will see all your competitor’s ads copywriting, image and call to action. Offline ads will not show on this page. So you can spy all your competitors facebook ads. Have you noticed the small circle number on the left top of every ad?

Do you know what the number about? The number means this page has run 15 sets of same ads on Facebook. On this page, you also can check on your competitors running their Facebook ads at which country.

Besides, country you also can check their ads impressions such as last day, last 7 days, last 30 days and last 90 days. All platform is about where the ads appear facebook, Instagram, audience network and messenger.

3. Facebook Audience Insight Tools

Last facebook ads spy tools free. What is facebook audience insight tools? With these facebook spy tools, it can help you to check your competitor’s fans. First step you must log in to your Facebook ads account and select audience insights.

Facebook ads audience insights

Once you have selected audience insight, will drive you to the audience insights page.

Audience insights page

On this page, you can check on your competitor’s Facebook fan page. What the benefit of this page? You can use it to check your competitor’s fan such as the location where they from, age, gender, income, status, education level, interest. And what kind of page their fans follow or like.

With these facebook ads spy tools free, you also can use it to search and get some idea of what kind of people you want to target.

In this article, we have shown you 3 best facebook ad spy tools to check and spy on your competitors facebook ad. You can follow the steps guide to spy your competitors. These ways also can help you to minimize your facebook ads budget spend.

Although these ways can help you to spy your competitor’s ads, you also need to have your own strategy to run your Facebook ads, because every company has different business model and direction. If you need to consult or help on your Facebook ads.

Feel free to contact us Ads Master marketing we provide free consultations. We can find you a well-fit facebook ad strategy to fit into your business and minimize your facebook ads expenses.

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