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5 ways to improve your Facebook ads performance | Digital Marketing Strategist - AdsMaster

5 ways to improve your Facebook ads performance

Would you like to spend lower Facebook ads cost and get a high return on ads to spend from your ads? Of course, the answer is “YES”. There two main factors affect your Facebook ads result which is the target audience, ads picture and copywriting.

When the Facebook ads result is not as you expected, you will think that is it my target audience issue? Or my facebook ads campaign objective issue? But did you think that might be your copywriting or image issue?

In this article, we will explain 5 ways to improve your Facebook ads performance and increase your ROAS.

Mentioned about how your product benefits your customer

Facebook ads product benefit
  • Everday have hundred or thousand Facebook ads sponsor post-show on their newsfeed, customer do not want to know how good is the product, they just care on how the product benefits them.
  • Most people, only focus on the product feature in their facebook ads but forget to mention how the product benefits the customer.
  • Because you are very familiar with your product and service, hence you keep mentioned about how good is the product. But stand at the customer point of view, the customer will think yes, I know how good is this product of the feature, but…. do I really need this? how does this product benefit me?

Here’s an example of how to convert the product feature into a benefit for yout customer

Facebook ads product benefit

Don’t use I, WE, this product in Facebook ads

  • If you keep using [i, we, this product] it is hard to let the customer know how your product benefits them.
  • In opposition, if you are using [YOU] this word, will make the customer why they need your product.
  • Suggested do not mentioned your company name in Facebook ads. Unless your brand is very famous in the market.
  • The customer just want to know and care about how your product can solve their issue or bring them benefit.
  • For example, now you are looking for an accounting service company. Below has two companies which will you choose?
Facebook ads copywriting (Don’t)
Facebook ads copywriting

Focus on one type customer

  • Compare to other advertising platforms, the benefit of the Facebook advertising platform, Facebook allowed advertisers to select their target audience.
  • Once you have set up your Facebook ads audience, your copywriting and image must be matched with your target audience. According to the previous point we have mentioned don’t use [I, WE, this product] and focus on your customer.
  • For example, if your company is providing beauty service, imagine all your competitor target audience set [female, age 20-55, interest on beauty, skincare, beauty product and so on.
  • The target audience is too broad, hence you can focus on one type of customer example, which is age 40-55 mother.
Facebook ads copywriting beauty Don’t
Facebook ads copywriting beauty audience

Do NOT show and sell any types of product at one time
Facebook ads product

Most of the company has more than one product. Normally business owners will show all of their products to the customer at once. By giving customers too many choices, will cause the customer to leave without buying any product from you.

Example: if you see a Facebook ad post, promote Baby carriage, toy, baby clothes, and other baby products at once. From the owner’s point of view, they hope to promote as much as possible to the customer, but for the customer, they can’t make any decision due to too many choices.

The more product you show to the customer at once the fewer sales you get. Why? According to a famous marketing study about too many choices for a customer. Mark Lepper and Sheena Lyenger is a psychologist and they have made a consumer study.

Don’t promote too many choices at Facebook ads

They have set up a table with many choices of jam in a restaurant and dress up as a sales promoter and offer a sample of jam to the customer either 6 and 24 flavors. For common theory, the more options are good for the customer to choose for. Customers like more choice and the company can generate more sales.

From this study the result proven, is not as the common theory. During the period of offered sample to the customer, only 3% customer purchase who sampled 24 flavours, but 30% of customers purchase sampled 6 flavours.

In this study you can see that contrary to popular belief, too many choices will get fewer sales. Customers can be attracted by many choices, but when come to make a purchase, too many choices can make the decision difficult.

Hence, suggested don’t promote too many products on your Facebook ads at once.

Stop offer discount at Facebook ads
Facebook ads discount

Offer discount is not an issue. Imagine that if you offer the discount to a people who are new to your company and never heard about your company. Will them think of:

  • Whether your product or service can’t be sold, so you have to discount?
  • Do you actually mark up the price and offer discounts to create the illusion?
  • is your product or service worthless?

Therefore, from the above point of view, what you can make is to arbitrarily declare the discount will only make the customer a bad first impression and even make your product lower and cheaper.

In fact, you can also offer Discount, but there must be a reason:

  • Early bird discount: If customers buy before x month x, they will get a 30% discount
  • Birthday Discount: On Facebook’s “Detailed Targeting> Birthday”, lock Audience for this month’s birthday, and then provide “Birthday Offer”
  • Quiz: Can you pass the test? As long as you pass the test, you can get a 50% discount as a reward.
  • Facebook Limited Offer: during checkout present the Facebook Limited Voucher Code, which gives you an RM10 discount.

Are you thinking about it, I just give a Discount, do I need to do more? The answer is YES! Because the user will feel that he is very lucky to be selected, [earn] your offer, and cherish it. This will increase the usage rate instantly.

Facebook ads Mcdonald

By the way, really don’t recommend the illusion of Discount after the price is marked up on Facebook. Because customers will find out sooner or later, as long as they find out, your company will leave a bad image to the customers so that you will have difficulty building your customer base in the future. Small chance to repeat purchase your product.

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