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4 main reason why you need to have a website | Digital Marketing Strategist - AdsMaster

4 main reason why you need to have a website

A lot of business owner chooses not to create a website and thought that the Facebook page is enough for their business. But if you want to run a good performance of Facebook ads you need to have a website. In fact, the company website is necessary for a company.

Website needed

In this article, we will explain 4 main reasons why a company needs to have a website and how it is important than a Facebook page.

The website helps you to run a good performance advertisement with Facebook ads objective and look for potential customers.

  • A lot of business owner facing some issue while they running Facebook ads such as a lot of people like the Facebook ads post but not potential customers (Bangladesh) or no sales results.
  • If you read our last week article 14 Facebook ads campaign objective you must know on 2019, you will know that the best performance Facebook ads objective is conversion and traffic. If you do not have a website the only objective you can choose us Facebook engagement posts.
  • If you have a website or landing page, you can set up Facebook traffic ads objective or Facebook conversion ads objective to get people to visit your website and Facebook will use their big data to find a potential customer to purchase your product or service at your website.
Facebook ads

Website is your online salesperson 24 hours work for you

You will see a lot of business owner complained:-

  • Why my Facebook ads reach many people but no one sends in inquiries or purchase
  • Why a lots pm but no sales
Facebook Engagement ads

Imagine if you would like to purchase a product price about RM100++, will you make payment to the company after comment PM? The answer is NO.

Most of the people will comment PM on your Facebook ads post if they are interested in your product or service. But after you have reply to their comment or send them the information about your product and service. You will never ever get a reply or update from them anymore.

Hence, you need to immediately catch the potential customer buying desire while they are interested in your product or service.

  • Need to communicate with the customer about the product ” benefit” to increase their buying desire
  • use scarcity method to make the customer cant miss the chance to purchase the product
  • Show them a testimonial or customer review
Shopee review

Only the website can assist you with the points that we mentioned just now. When customers interested in your product, they will click on your Facebook ads post “call to action” button and the ads will bring them to your website. Hence, they can read your other customer’s reviews. If your review is good, it can help to increase their trust and confidence to purchase your product online.

Website product page

Website can build strong company image and customer’s confidence

Website store

If you are selling a high-end product, you need to take note of this.

  • Customers will google search your company website, product price, product information before proceeding to purchase step.
  • If you do not have a website, customers cant gets more information about your product, because posting on facebook has a lot of restriction and you do not have full control of your content publishing. Out of suddenly facebook delete or remove your post or either your whole Facebook page.

A website allows you to remarket

With the website, you can be remarketing, the customer who has visited your website. Especially, for that customer who is interested in your product or service but has not taken any action to proceed purchase. Hence you can remarket them.

  • Imagine if you only use Facebook page promote your product, and your potential interested in your product and they would like to consider it. But they forget your facebook page, and you also cant remarket them without a website.
  • If you have a website, for those customers who have visited your website, meaning they are interested in your product but has not purchased it. No worries, you can install the Facebook pixel, running remarket Facebook ads to them and increase their impression and interest to proceed purchase.
Facebook pixel

If you already have a website, but no idea how to install your Facebook pixel? No worries, you can contact us we provide Facebook pixel installation service and you can remarket your customer.

Create a website need time and cost investment

Above 4 important points, now you have to know how important of the website for your business. With a website you can have more options to run your Facebook ads instead of only engagement post ads to increase your sales and revenue.

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